• EMI Filter
LCD/Camera Display for Mobile Phone
LCD/camera display in mobile phone application is commonly affected by the RF communication signal (800MHz ~ 2GHz). The affected sequence is the lowered down display quality when using the mobile phone.
LCD/Camera Display for Hand Held Portable Device
Except the mobile phone application, the EMI filter parts for Mobile Phone LCD/Camera Display are also suitable for the following applications : Tablet PC I/O ports and keypads
MMC/SD Card for Mobile Phone
MMC (Multimedia Card) / SD (Secure Digital Memory Card) are both memory cards for multimedia data storage. SD card development is based on the MMC card technology. Comparing with MMC card, SD card is with larger memory size, higher transferring speed, but is thicker in geometry. Therefore, generally MMC card can be placed into the SD card slot, but SD card cannot be put into the MMC card slot.
Keypad for Mobile Phone
When keypad user interface of the mobile phone is affected by the RF communication signal (800MHz ~ 2GHz), what user types might be wrong.